Aylton Court, a large Georgian house built of brick, was originally owned by Miss Eliza Miles, of Clifton, Gloucestershire and in her final years, Firbeck Hall near Tickhill in Yorkshire. When she died she left the estate at Aylton to her cousin Philip William Skinner Miles. Over the years it was rented out to various tenants some of which are shown below, and recently it was up for sale as a large family house – good to see that it has not been split into flats or turned into a hotel.
1837 – T.W. White sold off his pure bred Hereford cattle, prime flock of sheep, famous cart horses and colts, plus many farming tools and feed stocks when he left the estate.


1841 – Aylton Court Household

Jane Shayle 40 Farmers Wife b. Herefordshire
Eliza Shayle 19 Daughter b. Herefordshire
Elizabeth Shayle 18 Daughter b. Herefordshire
James Shayle 15 Son b. Herefordshire
Jane Shayle 11 Daughter b. Herefordshire
Elizabeth Green 18 Domestic Servant b. Herefordshire
Samuel Pafsey (?) 36 Servant b. Herefordshire
James Deveraux 18 Servant b. Herefordshire
John Gibbon 13 Servant b. Herefordshire

1851 – Aylton Court Household

Avis Perry 56 Widow of Farmer b. Oxfordshire
Cranley Perry 20 Farmers son b. Oxfordshire
William Perry 16 son b. Oxfordshire
Alfred Perry 12 son b. Oxfordshire
June Williams 21 Visitor b. Worcester
John Spencer 26 Farm Bailiff b. Gloucestershire
George Rudge 22 General Farm Servant b. Eastnor, Herefordshire
Charles Rudge 28 General Farm Servant b. Dymock, Gloucestershire
Catherine Walton 20 House Servant b. Cradley, Worcestershire

Avis Perry above was married to J.J. Perry who died before seeing one of his sons, Marten Perry who went to Queen’s College Birmingham, passed the examination to become a member of the Royal College of Surgeons.  During his collegiate course, Marten Perry obtained the Botany Certificate of Honour, the Midwifery silver medal and certificate, and the Governor’s gold medal for conduct.

In 1853, Avis Perry gave up Aylton Court and all the livestock, farming implements, dairy articles, brewing utensils and household furniture were put up for sale by auction.

John Foulger at Aylton Court

Aylton Court was then leased by John Foulger, but in 1855 a terrible tragedy occurred within his family.  His 12 year old son, Henry, found a gun in the house which he believed to be unloaded – in fun he pointed it at his sister Emma who was on the staircase, and shot her dead.  Emma was buried at nearby Aylton church, and imagine the terrible distress of the family when shortly afterwards the grave was raided and her body was taken.  Perhaps Emma’s spirit was disturbed by the grave robbers, because legend has it that she still haunts the staircase where she was shot by her brother.   John Foulger left Aylton Court three years later.

1861 – Aylton Court Household

John Badham 29 Farmer b. Stoke Edith, Herefordshire
Mary Ann Powell 26 Visitor b. Much Marcle, Herefordshire
William Cook 25 Visitor, Inn Keeper b. Leominster, Herefordshire
Catherine Harris 24 Dairy Maid b. Dorstone, Herefordshire
Robert Bosley 34 Ag. Labourer b. Little Marcle, Herefordshire
William Rudd 17 Groom b. Ashperton, Herefordshire
George Taylor 15 Carters Boy b. Tarrington, Herefordshire

The Badham family were at Aylton Court for a brief while, before the Cowles moved in – poor Sarah Cowles had a child more or less every year, and had at least 12.

1871 – Aylton Court Household

Samuel Cowles 38 Farmer b. Barnwood, Gloucestershire
Sarah Cowles 37 Wife b. Corse, Gloucestershire
Mary A. Cowles 9 Daughter b. Newent, Gloucestershire
Fanny E. Cowles 8 Daughter b. Newent, Gloucestershire
Henry J. Cowles 7 Son b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Francis J. Cowles 5 Son b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Laura H. Cowles 4 Daughter b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Frederick Cowles 3 Son b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Lilian Cowles 2 Daughter b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Edith M. Cowles 1 Daughter b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Elijah Lambert 70 Uncle b. Corse, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Lewis 24 Governess b. Monmouthshire
Elizabeth Davis 19 Domestic Servant b. Dymock, Gloucestershire
Eliza H. Wright 15 Domestic Servant b. Munsley, Herefordshire


1881 – Aylton Court Household

Samuel Cowles 48 Farmer b. Barnwood, Gloucestershire
Sarah Cowles 47 Wife b. Corse, Gloucestershire
Fanny E. Cowles 18 Daughter b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Henry J. Cowles 17 Son b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Frank (Francis) Cowles 15 Son b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Laura H. Cowles 14 Daughter b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Frederick Cowles 13 Son b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Lilian Cowles 12 Daughter b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Edith Cowles 11 Daughter b. Aylton, Herefordshire
John Cowles 9 Son b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Nancy Cowles 8 Daughter b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Kate Cowles 6 Daughter b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Lottie Cowles 5 Daughter b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Fanny Hodges 20 General Servant

1891 – Aylton Court Household

Robert Lomas 48 Farmer b. Clifton, Lancashire
Phebe Lomas 50 Wife b. Lancaster, Lancashire
Eliza Lomas 22 Daughter b. Bardsea, Lancashire
Phebe Lomas 19 Daughter b. Rampside, Lancashire
George Lomas 15 Son b. Rampside, Lancashire
Lucy Lomas 9 Daughter b. Lancashire
Herbert Bullick 17 Visitor, Bank Clerk b. West Hartlepool, Durham
Jane Gibbons 56 General Domestic Servant b. Dymock, Glos
Jane Attwood 22 Cook b. Forthampton, Worcestershire


1901 – Aylton Court Household

Arthur Aaron Yapp 54 Farmer b. Leintwardine, Herefordshire
Annie Yapp 45 Wife b. Somerset
Humphrey Yapp 4 Son b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Rose Burton 24 General Domestic Servant b. Leominster, Herefordshire
Frederick Jones 35 Cowman b. Leintwardine, Herefordshire


1911 – Aylton Court Household

Arthur Aaron Yapp 65 Farmer b. Leintwardine, Herefordshire
Humphrey George Yapp 14 Son b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Eliza Jane Willis 31 Housekeeper b. Somerset
Annie Willis 10 daughter b. Somerset


1921 – Aylton Court Household

Arthur Aaron Yapp b. Herefordshire 1847 Farmer
Annie Yapp b. Somerset, 1856 Wife
Humphrey Geo Yapp b. Aylton, Herefordshire 1897 Son
Rose Burton b. Leominster, Herefordshire 1877 General Domestic Servant