Aylton is a tiny village near to the market town of Ledbury  and its current population of around 100 is not much different to what it was 150 years ago. What HAS changed however is that the large farms, such as Court Farm and the White House, are now private houses and the surrounding land is farmed by those living outside the village. There are no shops, and little in the way of amenities;   many of the farms and farm buildings are listed.
Aylton history goes back a very long way indeed, much further than the church, and there is reference to a shire meeting during the reign of King Cnut in the 11th century which was held to thrash out a family dispute.

Means of making a livelihood from the surrounding land have changed with the times, and there are now few hopyards and even fewer orchards – despite the fact that Herefordshire is well known still for both.


Churches of Aylton

  • Aylton Parish Church

    This church is delightfully simple with it’s origins in the early 12th century.  There are two bells, the larger of which is circa 1639, and the smaller is possibly 12th century which makes it one of only two of this date in Herefordshire.

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Buildings of Aylton

  • Aylton Court History

    Aylton Court, a large Georgian house built of brick, was originally owned by Miss Eliza Miles, of Clifton, Gloucestershire and in her final years, Firbeck Hall near Tickhill in Yorkshire. When she died she left the estate at Aylton to her cousin Philip William Skinner Miles. Over the years it was rented out to various tenants some of which are shown below, and recently it was up for sale as a large family house – good to see that it has not been split into flats or turned into a hotel.

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News from the Past Aylton