Broadfield Court began life in the 13th century, and in the 14th century was owned by a monastic order. By the 16th century the house was privately owned and in 1770 the estate was settled on Robert Phillipps. Over the following years, the house was allowed to fall into disrepair until it was purchased by John H. Burchall who began renovations in the 19th century.










The house is partly two storey, and partly three storey being probably two separate buildings joined into one. Additions were made in the late 16th century, and the brick facing was added in the early 18th century. Much of the rest of the house dates from the 18th and 19th centuries.
During the war, the grounds were made over to opium poppy cultivation for the production of morphine, and to this day the odd opium poppy bravely pushes through the soil, although currently that soil is given over to growing grapes for wine making.

1841 – Broadfield Court Household

John Burchall 60 Land Owner b. London
William Helme 40
Susannah Helme 30 Daughter
Cuthbert Helme 5
Burchall Helme 4
John New 25
Ann Jay 25
Harriet Cox 30
James Davies 25
Mary Fox 20
Henry Fletcher 25

1861 – Broadfield Court Household

John H. Burchall 84 Widower, land owner and Magistrate b. London
Susannah J. Helme 53 Daughter, widow b. Walthamstow, Essex
William John Helme 18 Grandson b. Stroud, Gloucestershire
Harold Helme 11 Grandson b. Stroud, Gloucestershire
Thomas Baker 47 Coachman b. Cambridge
Harry Calder 15 House Servant b. Stoke, Herefordshire
Sarah Tillin 45 House Servant b. Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Emma Holder 22 House Servant b. Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Pugh 23 House Servant b. Stoke Prior, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Duncan 17 House Servant b. Bodenham, Herefordshire

1881 – Broadfield Court Household

Susannah Jane Helme 73 Widow, income from land b. Walthamstow, Essex
William John Helme 38 Son, widower, farmer b. Stroud, Gloucestershire
Laura Helme 47 Daughter in law, widow, income derived from shares b. London
Margaret Barrow 60 Visitor, income derived from land b. Lancaster
Sarah Felling 65 Housekeeper b. Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Mary Powell 24 Cook b. Bockleton, Herefordshire
Myra White 21 Parlourmaid b. Bodenham, Herefordshire
Mary Ann Hyde 19 Housemaid b. Worcestershire
Henry Evans 14 Hall Boy b. Risbury, Herefordshire

1891 – Broadfield Court Household

Susannah Helme 80 (?) Widow living on own means b. Walthamstow, Essex
William Helme 48 Widower, Gentleman Farmer b. Stroud, Gloucestershire
Laura E. Helme 58 Daughter in law, widow b. St. Pancras, Middlesex
Elizabeth Crump 44 Cook b. Madley, Herefordshire
Emmie Moore 25 Parlourmaid b. Herefordshire
Annie Powell 19 Housemaid b. Herefordshire
James Taylor 13 Houseboy b. Dilwyn, Herefordshire

1901 – Broadfield Court Household

Susannah J. Helme 93 Widow living on own means b. Walthamstow, Essex
William J. Helme 58 Widower, Farmer b. Stroud, Gloucestershire
John M. Curre 41 Groom and Master of Foxhounds b. Monmouthshire
Sarah E. Johnson 54 Nurse b. Chelsea, Middlesex
Annie Fawke 20 Cook b. Tarrington, Herefordshire
Emily Farley 22 Parlourmaid b. Little Marcle, Herefordshire
Alice Baynham 19 Housemaid b. Lincolnshire
Thomas Bowdley 17 Houseboy b. Bodenham, Herefordshire

William finally finds himself a new wife after so many years of being a widower;  she is much younger but is producing children for him.

1911 – Broadfield Court Household

William John Helme 68 Living on own means b. Stroud, Gloucestershire
Flora Helme 39 Wife, private means b. Hertfordshire
Mary Leighton 66 Mother in law, widow, private means b. St. Andrews, London
Noel Joan Helme 6 Daughter b. Bodenham, Herefordshire
John Helme 2 Son b. Bodenham, Herefordshire
Millie Morrison 25 Lady’s Maid b. King Edward, Aberdeenshire
Emily Thurtle 25 Cook b. Herefordshire
Rose Bridgwater 28 Parlourmaid b. Tenbury, Worcestershire
Fanny Philpotts 20 Housemaid b. Bodenham, Herefordshire
Edith Rickets 25 Nurse b. Breconshire
Nellie Robinson 17 Kitchenmaid b. Leominster, Herefordshire
Herbert Archer Croft 42 Visitor, private means b. Lugwardine, Herefordshire
Katharine Agnes Croft 33 Wife, private means b. Grappenhall, Lancashire