The original building on the site of Bodenham Manor was pulled down when the Rev. Henry Arkwright was appointed as clergyman of Bodenham in 1842 by his uncle John Hungerford Arkwright who was the grandson of Sir Richard Arkwright of cotton spinning fame.
A new house, The Vicarage, was built in 1843/44 which belonged to the church, and Henry Arkwright with his fast growing family moved in in 1850 – he stayed there until he died in 1889. Continue reading


Broadfield Court began life in the 13th century, and in the 14th century was owned by a monastic order. By the 16th century the house was privately owned and in 1770 the estate was settled on Robert Phillipps. Over the following years, the house was allowed to fall into disrepair until it was purchased by John H. Burchall who began renovations in the 19th century. Continue reading

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