Pencraig Court is a fairly large house lying between Ross on Wye and Monmouth, with wonderful views over the River Wye, and beautiful grounds; although it is presently being used as a hotel, it hasn’t been altered so drastically that it could not be turned back into a private residence.
In the early 1800s, the house was owned by George Little, and after his death in 1826, Pencraig Court was put up for let – furnished for three years, (or unfurnished for the remainder of a term from Christmas 1825). It was very amply furnished and described as having a good entrance hall; staircase; dining room; library; drawing room with a greenhouse attached and leading to the gardens; seven chambers and a water closet on the first floor; four good attics; kitchen; dairy; servants hall; butler’s pantry; housekeeper’s room; store room; china closet; back stairs; a Coach House for two carriages, stabling for five horses etc. etc. with twenty acres of meadow and orchard.
Ten years later, in 1837, Pencraig Court was once again up for let, fully furnished. This time it only had two attics but there were eleven bedrooms. It was said to be in good repair and recently furnished, as well as being one of the most desirable on the banks of the River Wye.
By the early 1800s, Thomas Brook had bought Pencraig Court – he was a keep breeder of livestock, and was elected a member of the Royal Agricultural Society of England. His wife had been married before, and brought two children to the marriage. Thomas died in 1850 and left Pencraig Court to his son Thomas, who moved in with his wife in the 1850s

1851 – Pencraig Court Household

Sarah Ann Brook 52 Widow b. Bermondsey, Surrey
Lavinia Riley 24 Daughter b. Bermondsey, Surrey
Virginia Riley 21 Daughter b. Bermondsey, Surrey
Albert Brook 16 Son b. Essex
Mary Elizabeth Taylor 33 Upper Servant b. Lambeth, Surrey
Marry Ann Smith 29 Cook b. Gloucestershire
Mary Burgoyne 27 Housemaid ?
Abel Smith 24 Footman b. Oxfordshire


1861 – Pencraig Court Household

Thomas Brook 29 Captain Royal Monmouth Militia b. Bushey, Herefordshire
Helena Brook 29 Wife b. Pembroke
Elliot I Brook 3 Son b. Goodrich, Herefordshire
Sarah A. Brooks 24 Sister b. Leytonstone
Mary A. Smith 38 Cook b. Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Preece 32 Lady’s Maid b. Sellack, Herefordshire
Mary Bryan 25 Housemaid b. Hentland, Herefordshire
Sarah Kell 21 Kitchenmaid b. Chew Magna, Somerset
James Sandy 27 Footman b. Diss, Norfolk
William Smith 32 Coachman b. Gloucestershire
George Sanderson 16 Groom b. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

1863 the house was put up for sale, and was eventually bought by William Beever


1871 – Pencraig Court Household

William H. Beever 43 Landowner and Clergyman b. Denbighshire
Hannah J. Beever 40 Wife b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Edith M.H. Beever 15 Daughter b. Cowbridge, Glamorgan
Ellen H. Beever 12 Daughter b. Cowbridge, Glamorgan
Anna Minlieuverber (?) 33 Governess b. Germany
Celia Roberts 14 Kitchenmaid b. Monmouthshire
Martha White 13 Under Housemaid b. Wantage
Susannah Watkins 30 Cook b. Merionethshire
Martha Davis 31 Housemaid b. Glamorganshire
Elizabeth Morgan 32 Lady’s Maid b. Glamorganshire


1881 – Pencraig Court Household

Vincent M.H. Beever 20 Son of Owner, Articled Clerk b. Glamorganshire
William J.H. Beever 26 Son of Owner, Farmer b. Glamorganshire
Elizabeth Allsop 29 Cook b. Tipton, Staffordshire
Clara Aitken 19 Housemaid b. Stoneleigh, Warwickshire

The house was again put up for sale, and was bought by Robert Spelman Marriott who lived there for many years, although at times he was in London, as was the case in 1901

1891 – Pencraig Court Household

Robert Spelman Marriott 29 Living on own means b. Norfolk
Blanche H. Marriott 30 Wife b. Dringhouses, Yorkshire
Juliet Marriott 5 Daughter b. London
Emily Wilding 41 Cook b. Gloucestershire
Hannah Jackson 28 Parlourmaid b. Crawford, Middlesex
Leah Drew 21 Housemaid b. Ross on Wye, Herefordshire

1911 – Pencraig Court Household

Robert Spelman Marriott 49 Living on own Means b. Narborough, Norfolk
Blanche Harriet Christina Marriott 50 Wife b. Dringhouses, Yorkshire
Anna Elizabeth Poppleton 29 Cook b. Yorkshire
Mary Ann Gardner 30 Parlourmaid b. Tuffley, Gloucestershire
Blanche Annie Morgan 31 Housemaid b. Llangarron, Herefordshire
Sarah Bayliss 24 Lady’s Maid b. Brobury, Herefordshire
Polly Weaver 16 Kitchenmaid b. Howle Hill, Herefordshire