The Church of St. Mary is has Norman origins, but the tower is 14th century and further additions were made in the 19th century.



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The font at St. Mary is a rare, lead lined Norman font dated at around 1160;   there are only around 20 of these in the whole of the country, and Herefordshire sports several of them.  The pedestal is of a much later date.

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Ann Mary Christiana Skynner

Ann Mary Christiana Skynner wife of Colonel Gilbert Nicholetts and daughter of Gilbert Ignatius Doyge of brussels in Flanders. She died 19th July 1770 aged 74


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Two further monuments within the church read as follows:

James Gardiner, late of Instone, Gent, who died June 26th 1804 aged 73 years.

Ann, wife of the late James Allcott of Woodcroft in this Parish. She exchanged time for eternity the 9th day of July 1792 and in the 87th year of her age. She was remarkable for her sobriety, dilligence, fidelity and humanity.

Also Elizabeth White, grand daughter of the above Ann Allcott, who died 16th day of Feby 1811 aged 50.

Also Elizabeth Homes, late of Hopton, daughter of the above Ann Allcott who died 24th day of November 1812 aged 75 years.


There is an effigy of a 7 foot man in a suit of mail with his feet resting on a lion, which is thought to be that of one of the Deveraux family who were big landowners in the area. He was perhaps a Knight Templar given the way that he was dressed.