Bishops Frome (pronounced Froom) is a large village which lies in East Herefordshire with the River Frome flowing through the middle.    The Bishop part of the name came from the fact that the Bishop of Hereford was Lord of the Manor at one time – the Manor House, known as Court Farm, is sadly no longer in existence but it was adjacent to the Church.

Hops were the major crop around Bishops Frome and one of the two inns in the village was built in the 1800s to cater for the hop pickers who arrived every year.

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  • Cheney Court History


    The original Cheney court dated from the 15th century, and up until the mid 1800s was called China Court, the house being enlarged in around 1870 and then tragically lost forever when it burnt down in 1888, although the private chapel still remains.

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