Scuffles and Accidents at Breinton

1819 – Terrible Fire at Breinton

During one Sunday evening in October 1819, a fire broke out in the flue of an oven on the premises of a poor old carpenter at Breinton;  he also acted as constable for the village.

The fire was so intense that in no time at all it had destroyed two tenements belonging to John Preece – one was the the old carpenter’s lodging where he lived with his wife, and the other was inhabited by his son with a pregnant wife and seven children.  Also consumed by the fire was a barn full of grain and hay;  a stable;  cider mill and other buildings.

Thankfully these people were all saved, although it was touch and go, but all their possessions and furniture were destroyed – anything that was left was shamefully looted by low life who were pretending to help.

An appeal went out from The Rev. Taylor of Hereford, and William Waring of Upper Breinton, for charitable donations of any sort.

1845 – Death from Drunkenness at Breinton

Edward Mitchell, the landlord of the Coach and Horses pub at Breinton, went to Hereford one Friday evening after Christmas, and became extremely drunk.

He was taken home in a fly, and put to bed by his wife and a servant, but some time during the night he got himself up.  Still being dreadfully unsteady on his feet, he fell down the stairs and cracked his head on the stone floor.

Help was called for, but it was too late and Edward died almost instantly.

1850 – Woman Scuffles with Father in Law at Breinton

Mrs. Vale of Breinton took her father in law to court, accusing him of assaulting her.

She said that her father in law had been trying to break up her marriage, and that he went to her house to ask her to give up some of her furniture.  She declined to do this, and a row commenced – the father in law started to throw apples at her through the window which eventually broke.

The quarrel continued, and when Mrs. Vale went outside, her father in law hit her several times.  Witnesses said that they saw the incident, and the defendant admitted having hit Mrs. Vale, but said that it was in self defence as she had been “pitching in to him right and left”.

Mrs. Vale’s husband was in court and he rather took his father’s side, which led to some heated arguing for almost an hour.  Eventually the Bench had heard enough, and decided that both parties were at fault.

The defendant was giving a trifling fine, plus expenses.

1862 – Man dies in Cart Accident at Breinton

Thomas Preece of Burcott Row was employed by Mr. Lewis of Breinton.

One Wednesday afternoon in June 1862, he was spotted on his horse and cart, galloping at full tilt along the Breinton road.  He was thrown from the cart, and so badly injured that he died soon afterwards.