Fire, burial wishes and a ceiling collapse, plus much more

 1843 – Extension of Hereford & Gloucester Canal to Canon Frome

In March 1843 Crowley, Batty & Co. posted that they had established a Fly Boat conveyance from Gloucester to Canon Frome which would run twice a week;  the public would be able to have their goods brought by one carrier from all the major cities.

1891 – Death of John Hopton of Canon Frome Court

Born in 1809, John Hopton died in March 1891, he being lord of the manor and the owner of the parish of Canon Frome.  He previously lived at Kemerton Court near Tewkesbury and was one of the largest landowners in Herefordshire.

He was generally known as a kind and generous man, in fact a real English gentleman;  he was deputy lieutenant for Herefordshire and a JP for both Worcester and Gloucester, and was active in public affairs until he went blind.



 Canon Frome Court

1934 – Fire at Canon Frome Church

During January in 1934, Canon Frome Church was badly damaged by fire one Saturday night.  Although the Ledbury and Hereford Fire brigades arrived promptly and used water from the lake in the grounds of the nearby Court, the chancel was gutted and the altar, organ, memorial tablets and the valuable stained glass windows were destroyed.

The tower and the chapel were saved by the firemen, as was Canon Frome Court which was a few yards away, and the church was rebuilt in 1960.


St. James Church, Canon Frome

1934 – Burial of Colonel John Dutton Hopton

Colonel Hopton of Canon Frome Court died on 6th June in 1934.  He had shot at Bisley for England on 36 occasions and in his Will he stated that we wished to be buried close to the 1500 yard firing point on the range at Canon Frome, regardless of whether the ground had been consecrated.

He hinted strongly that it would be a jolly good show if the Bishop did consecrate the patch, and indeed the Bishop of Hereford duly obliged as well as conducting the funeral service.

A hymn was sung, set to music by the Colonel who was an accomplished musician.

1945 – Ceiling Falls in at Canon Frome Court

In 1945 the Court was owned by the Hopton family, and the music room where the accident happened was famous for containing one of the biggest privately owned organs in the country.

During a Victory Ball, part of the ceiling collapsed at around midnight onto the happy dancers, which resulted in many injuries but only one lady,  was taken to Ledbury Cottage Hospital.