Breinton lies just a couple of miles west of Hereford, but despite being so close to the city it is gloriously peaceful and rural.

However this peace and seclusion is under threat with the “pressing need” for more housing, and villages like Breinton could well be swallowed up by the city of Hereford as it expands ever outwards.

Churches of Breinton

People of Breinton

  • The du Buisson family

    The du Buisson family feature large in the history of this parish

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  • John Cranston

    In 1785, a Glaswegian by the name of John Cranston developed huge nurseries in the Breinton parish and one of his sons, James, was responsible for planting most of the Cedar trees around Hereford. Both men are buried under a Cedar of Lebanon tree planted by James in the churchyard and the name of Cranston lives on in the shape of an onion – Cranston’s Excelsior – which was named in their honour.

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  • Dr. Henry Graves Bull

    Dr. Henry Graves Bull founded the British Mycological Society (the study of fungi),

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  • Captain Rudhall Booth

    An ancestor of Captain Rudhall Booth was Bishop Booth of Hereford.

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News from the Past Breinton