Believed to have been built in 1821 at Weston under Penyard by John Partridge, a wealthy land owner (in fact he owned a great deal of the village), Penyard House is in the Italian style and  sits in 9 acres of beautiful gardens and parkland.

John Partridge was guilty of pulling down the remaining ruined walls of Penyard Castle in order to use the stone for his building projects.

In  1856 William Stubbs bought the house and went on to have eight children with his wife Jane Charlotte.  Jane had a special interest in the hospital at Ross on Wye, and paid entirely for a ward there for severely ill people as well as donating land adjoining the recreation ground for the use of the patients ;  she also freely gave to other local charities.


William Stubbs died in 1871 and left the house to his children, but after the death of his son Major General William Henry Stubbs, the house passed into the ownership of his five sisters, and it was then that they changed the name from Lower Weston to Penyard House, as shown on the census returns – it can be confusing because there is a separate Lower Weston House, which is a much older mansion.


The sisters lived at Penyard House for many years, but eventually they decided to leave and in 1900 the house was put up for sale but it repeatedly failed to achieve its reserve;  it was a further two years before it was bought by Robert Law Harkness.

Sales Particulars for the sale of Penyard House

Penyard House – containing handsome and lofty drawing room;  dining room, morning room;  panelled business room;  vestibule;  hall and corridor;  chief and secondary staircases;  17 capacious, lofty and airy bed, dressing and workrooms;  modernly fitted WCs;  bathroom and lavatory with hot and cold;  laundry;  store rooms;  servants hall;  dairy fitted with up to date milk coolers and walls lined with white porcelain tiles;  larders;  pantries and complete culinary offices;  lofty arched cellars with fitted wine bins;  the whole bountifully supplied with water.

Approved drainage system.

Detached and modern stabling for 8 horses;  harness room;  hay and corn rooms;  Coachhouse area for 6 carriages and 2 cottage residences.


At a separate sale in 1902, the following effects belonging to the Misses Stubbs were also on offer:

Superior Broughham Waggonette;  pony carriage, station cart, donkey gig, London and Ross-made saddlery;  capital Cob gelding;  mare donkey;  2 store pigs;  in calf dairy cows and heifers etc.;  poultry, runs and coops;  light road waggons;  carts;  gears;  96 iron hurdles;  farm implements;  garden appointments;  cucumber frames;  greenhouse plants etc.

Also 500 volumes of books;  a grand harmonium in walnut case;  Spanish mahogany book cases with escritoire;  wardrobes;  chests of drawers;  washstand;  dressing and other tables;  cheval glass;  clocks;  china and glass;  iron and brass bedsteads;  feather beds;  mattresses;  linen and glass cupboards;  box mangle and kitchen and culinary requisites.



Robert Law Harkness was born in 1852 in Malvern, and married Mary Robina Tregonwell, but they had no children.  He died in 1914, but Mary stayed in the house until her death in 1824.


Robert Alfred Lowth inherited the house, and he and his wife Nancy Eva Aikin Sneath lived there until 1935 when they sold it and it became the Wye Hotel.

In 1984 the house was bought by the charity The Leadership Trust Foundation, and they sympathetically restored the building and grounds.


Penyard House is now once again a hotel and wedding venue

1851 –  Penyard House Household (known as Lower Weston)

Thomas Butler 68 Farmer, widower b. Sandhurst, Gloucestershire
Martha Butler 34 Daughter b. Monmouthshire
Elizabeth Hook 35 Housekeeper b. Gloucestershire
Eliza Wite 18 General Servant b. Gloucestershire

1861 –  Penyard House Household (known as Lower Weston)

William Stubbs 63 Widower, b. London, Middlesex
Eliza Jane Stubbs 41 Daughter b. India
Jane Charlotte Stubbs 37 Daughter b. India
William Henry Stubbs 35 Son, Captain Bengal Army b. India
Caroline Charlotte Stubbs 33 Daughter b. India
Emily Bonadash Stubbs 24 Daughter b. India
Mary Stubbs 21 Daughter b. Epsom, Surrey
Ann Williams 31 Cook b. Michaelchurch, Herefordshire
Emma Watkins 21 Parlour Maid Peterchurch, Herefordshire
Anne Parson 15 Kitchen Maid b. Woolhope, Herefordshire

1871 –  Penyard House Household (known as Lower Weston)

Ellen J. Stubbs 50 Sister b. India
Jane Charlotte Stubbs 47 Sister b. India
Caroline Charlotte Stubbs 43 Sister b. India
Emily B. Stubbs 34 Sister b. India
Mary Stubbs 31 Sister b. Epsom, Surrey
Bertha Edwards 23 Cook b. Brockhampton, Herefordshire
Margaret D. South 19 Parlour Maid b. Lugwardine, Herefordshire
Agnes Hodges 18 Housemaid b. Newent,  Gloucestershire
Henry Lloyd 25 Servant b. Brockhampton,  Herefordshire


1881 –  Penyard House Household

Ellen J. Stubbs 62 Lady b. India
Jane Charlotte Stubbs 57 Lady, sister b. India
Caroline Charlotte Stubbs 53 Lady, sister b. India
Emily B. Stubbs 44 Lady, sister b. India
Mary Stubbs 41 Lady, sister b. Epsom, Surrey
William J. Eastwich 72 Visitor, Widower, retired Captain, H.M. Indian Army b. London
Sarah 70 Domestic Servant b. Felton, Herefordshire
Bertha Edwards 33 Cook b. Brockhampton, Herefordshire
Mary Probert 30 Housemaid b. Sellack, Herefordshire
Sarah Williams 23 Laundry Maid b. Woolhope, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Cuthbert 47 Housekeeper b. Maldon, Suffolk
Henry Lloyd 33 Coachman b. Brockhampton, Herefordshire

1891 –  Penyard House Household

Ellen Jane Stubbs 71 Living on own means b. India
Jane Charlotte Stubbs 67 Living on own means b. India
Caroline Charlotte Stubbs 63 Living on own means b. India
Emily B. Stubbs 54 Living on own means b. India
Mary Stubbs 51 Living on own means b. Epsom, Surrey
Eliza Mullon 30 Parlour Maid b. Brockhampton, Herefordshire
Jane Rees 21 Cook b. Cardiff, South Wales
Annie Andrews 21 Housemaid b. Ross on Wye, Herefordshire
Sarah Williams 35 Laundry Maid b. Tarrington, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Price 21 Kitchenmaid b. Newent, Gloucestershire


1901 –  Penyard House Household

Caroline Charlotte Stubbs 73 Living on own means b. India
Jane Charlotte Stubbs 77 Living on own means b. India
Emily Bonadash Stubbs 64 Living on own means b. India
Mary Stubbs 61 Living on own means b. Epsom, Surrey
Lydia Allen 37 Cook b. Madely, Shropshire
Louisa Walton 24 Parlour Maid b. Inkberrow, Warwickshire
Ada Mary Walton 22 Housemaid b. Worcestershire
Edith Elizabeth Wo;ce 18 Kitchenmaid b. Kington, Herefordshire

1911 –  Penyard House Household

Robert L. Harkness 58 Farmer b. Malvern, Worcestershire
Mary Robina Harkness 56 Wife b. Cambourne, Dorset
John Watts 65 Butler b. Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire
Sarah Bowers 34 Cook b. Dorset
Amelia Wright 26 Housemaid b. Dorset
Florence Eleanor Stallard 16 Housemaid b. Much Marcle, Herefordshire
Gladys May Harris 16 Kitchenmaid b. Drybrook, Gloucestershire

1921 – Penyard House Household

Mary Robina Harkness b. Cranborne, Dorset 1853 Head, widow
John DeCourcy Dashwood b. Woolwich, Kent 1855 Visitor, Lt. Colonel Retired, Indian Army
Madelein Annie Meade b. Bath, Somerset 1865 Visitor
Mary Catherine Battams b. Brampton Ash, Northamptonshire 1878 Lady’s Companion
Sarah Bower b. Dorset, 1885 Cook
Amelia Fanny Wright b. Shaftsbury, Dorset 1885 Housemaid
Doris Amelia Barrington b. Leominster 1906 Under Housemaid
Rose Ethel Williams b. Ross on Wye, Herefordshire 1905 Kitchen Maid
John Watts b. Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire 1845 Butler