Ledbury lies at the foot of the Malvern Hills, and much of the original town remains as it was.A large water trough still stands by the High Street, a relic of the Market days when the tiny town was full of animals, although these days it is filled with flowers! Eventually Market Day moved from Monday to Tuesday, and in 1887 a Cattle Market was built just off Bye Street; this has now been demolished and a new cottage hospital and health centre has been built on the site. There used to be a railway connection to Gloucester, known as The Daffodil Line, but this is long gone.


Churches of Ledbury

  • St. Michael & All Angels Church - Ledbury

    The lovely Church of St. Michael & All Angels is of vast proportions, which given that back in the 11th century Ledbury was but a small village might seem rather odd, but in fact it served a wide area.  It sits above the town of Ledbury and is one of the seven churches in Herefordshire to have a separate bell tower.

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  • St. Katherine’s Chapel - Ledbury

    St. Katherine’s Chapel is an extension to the church, and the name relates to Katherine Audley who was born in 1272.

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Buildings in Ledbury

  • Upper Hall History

    Upper Hall sits out of sight on the hillside above Ledbury nestling beneath Dog Wood, and has origins which go back to the early thirteenth century, undergoing a few name changes over time, originally being known as Aula Superior, then Over Court, Over Hall and finally Upper Hall.

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  • Ledbury Union Workhouse

    The Ledbury Union Workhouse was designed by George Wilkinson and built in 1836 in Union Lane and was opened the following year, (Union Lane is now renamed Orchard Road).

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People of Ledbury

News from the Past Ledbury