The large church of St. Mary at Burghill stands on a hill, and in the churchyard are some of the best churchyard yew trees in the country, there are certainly a great many of them. The oldest of these trees is believed to have once sheltered William Wordsworth and his wife on one of their many visits to the area, his brother in law living nearby at Brinsop Court. Continue reading

The most charming, delightful and exceptionally peacefully situated Herefordshire Church of St. Mary is accessed by a short but steep climb. In the winter this concrete path must surely be hazardous !! I gather also that the abundant sheep which graze around this path leave droppings which are as dangerous as ice when descending!

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The church at Marstow was originally called St. Martins, and was on a completely different site, down by the Garron Brook. However, the Garron Brook was prone to overflowing its banks and flooding the church, so in 1855 the old church was demolished and the present church dedicated to St. Matthew was built at Brelstone Green, Marstow. Continue reading

The 14th century church of St. Michael

Within the church is the tomb and effigy of a medieval knight which is believed to be one of the oldest incised tomb covers in the country.   The knight died around 1125 and his shield bears a fess for Sollars.   During the Henry VIII scourge of all things Catholic the tomb cover was thrown out and more or less broken in half. Continue reading

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